Guild Structure

Wood Rank

Basic fledgling membership, under supervision of Gold Rank. Must report to Sponsor after every mission, Sponsor will arrange pay and missions. Must be ready to accept missions at all times, barring time recovering from wounds. Will stay close to The Grove for most part, barring extreme circumstances.

Perks:   5% discount on Guild affiliated merchandise.

                Living Quarters within The Grove.

Bronze Rank

Established full members, certain autonomy to pursue side projects. Still under guidance from Gold member, missions are chosen for them just as pay is handled by their sponsor. Are required to check in with Sponsor at least once a week when not on mission and are required to be ready for action at a days’ notice.

Perks:   8% discount on Guild Affiliated Merchandise

                Stable Access

                Basic Library Access

                Basic Armoury Access

Silver Rank

Member that are considered to handle operations at their own discretion and are free to pursue side projects with their own funds whenever they choose. No longer under supervision from Gold member, but are expected to report to the Guild once every month and be available for jobs most of the time. Are free to take jobs by their own volition. May still be transferred to other locations when Guild deems it appropriate.

Perks:   12% discount on Guild Affiliated Merchandise

                Increased Library Access

                Full Armoury Access

                Access to Guild funding up to 2000 gp per year for private sanctioned projects

                Rite of Ascension

                Can become a Specialist, such as a Hunter, Lorekeeper, Junior Scout, Investigator, Antiquarian, Craftsman/woman or Researcher.




Gold Rank

Members of this rank are considered to be totally free to choose whatever missions they take or projects they pursue, as long as they do not interfere with the daily business of the Guild. Besides direct orders from higher members, they are considered to be totally autonomous. Some of this rank are chosen to act as Sponsors and seek out new members of the guild. Some of this rank, dubbed Scouts, are also involved in petitioning organisations and nations for high ranking jobs. Members of this rank are required to keep in touch with the Guild, but are only required to physically report to the Guild HQ once every year.

Perks:   16% discount on Guild Affiliated Merchandise

                Full access to Library, barring private collections.

                Access to Portal Network

                Access to Guild funding up to 10000 gp per year for private sanctioned projects

                Able to become either Scout or Sponsor, with permission

Platinum Rank

This rank is only for the most skilled members of the guild. This holds the ranks of the best people in their field and they hardly take missions upon themselves that do not involved the fate of whole nations or organizations. Sponsors still exist at this rank, only they oversee three or four teams of lower grades. Scouts at this level have vast networks and take a significant cut from the jobs they manage to bring in. Members at this rank can come and go whenever they please, barring emergencies and extreme circumstances. They also make up the Council together with the founders and have a certain say in the direction of the Guild as a whole. They have full autonomy in taking missions and pursuing their own projects.

Perks: 25% discount on Guild Affiliated Merchandise

                Seat on the Council if willing.

                Access to Guild funding up to 50000 gp per year for private sanctioned projects.

                May command lower members to join their cause, projects or missions.

                Can become Master, a member that directs the daily affairs of a local office that isn’t the HQ.



Adamantium Rank

This rank is only reserved for the six founders of the Guild. Up till this day, no new members have been allowed to join this rank, however, there are increasingly petitions from the council to have some people move up. These founders rarely take missions themselves, and none have done so for the past ten years. The founders are free to choose whatever they want and they take a seat in the council, only their votes count twice towards the final number. They hold the rights to dictate the daily activities of the HQ and more or less run the whole Guild it’s goals and pursuits. Further, they hold contracts with various merchants and vendors over the continent and keep the diplomatic ties with the nations the Guild serves. Lastly, they check in on the Masters to check their progress.

To speak of perks at this level would be silly. The founders are just that, the founders. They can do pretty much whatever they deem fit, and hardly any vendor would charge them any price for their wares, nor would anyone object to them taking funds or items from the Guildbank.

Guild Structure

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